Getting Answers from the Universe

Pendulum, Tarot and Meditation - Psychic Development | taught by Natalie Blank

Course description

Do you want some answers from the universe? Looking for something more to help you move forward? Feeling overwhelmed and need some clarity? This three-week course will teach you the basics of tools used by Psychics and Mystics to find answers for their clients. This is something you can learn if you only take the first step. Join up to this 3-week online course learning to connect to your intuition and higher source. You will learn through video and written course material.

Bonuses: You will receive TWO exclusive meditations to help you get in the zone, email contact with me to get clarification on any of the topics, and a 45 minute video call to check your progress and follow up! All of this is valued at $197 but you can get on-board now for only $149!

Natalie Blank
Natalie Blank
Course Creator

Natalie Blank has been working as a Psychic Reader and Healer for several years after discovering the abilities she works with.

She uses a combination of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Mediumship, Energy Reading and Energy Healing to help clients release blocks and negative patterns and find a lighter path to tread.

She offers courses to help others learn about these skills so they can start to help themselves move forward in their lives.

Natalie Blank

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