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Teachers work hard. Their minds work hard, their bodies work hard, their emotions work hard but most of all, their voices work hard. 

There is no other career path where the voice is used for such extended times under such stressful circumstances and it takes it's toll. It is interesting that actors, who use their voices professionally receive vocal training. Yet teachers, who also use their voices in order to deliver their work, have a high rate of health issues related to this delicate part of their bodies - and sometimes become unable to continue with their career, do not. Why is it that actors learn to speak loudly and clearly so that everyone in a quiet theatre can hear them? Yet teachers don't learn how to properly create volume when faced with a classroom of rowdy students.

Do you struggle with vocal strain? Do you get sick or lose your voice every time the holidays roll around? Do you wish you could get volume without having to yell? Do you find yourself out of breath at times when speaking to a class?

Voice is produced by muscles and so it can be strengthened. Like working out conditions and strengthens your body, this course will help you strengthen your voice, whilst also showing you how to create more volume without strain and, more importantly, without yelling.

Natalie Blank is a qualified actor and teacher. She realised during her time teaching that she had a distinct advantage over her colleagues when she was teaching high school drama. With 3 years of vocal training under her belt, she sailed through the vocal side of teaching while her work mates would struggle with volume in the classroom, and with the fallout of strain once out of the classroom. This inspired her to create her voice course for teachers. She has delivered this course face-to-face many times and realised that it needed to be available to more teachers, and in a way that would not impact too much on their busy lives.

This course of 6 weeks will take you through the intricacies of how your voice works, exercises and warm-ups to strengthen your voice to help you with breathing, clarity, tone, expression, volume and projection as well as protection. Easy to understand and follow course materials make learning easy. Completing the exercises daily will mean you will actually hear and feel the difference in your voice by the end of the course.

In Australia the cost of this course is tax deductible for teachers as a part of their professional development. It is accepted by the Teacher Registration Board in your state as coming under the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers covering standards in areas 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

Feedback for the Comprehensive Teachers Voice Course

"The course was fantastic and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I use it religiously every day now and it is well and truly part of my routine. I am so grateful for it. Thank you." L.T.

Below is some feedback from past students of the face-to-face course

“Voice – The mechanics of how the sound is produced is helpful information for me as a teacher.” T.B.

"What a difference! Now I know what I've been doing wrong all these years and how to fix it. Thank you!" P.B.

“I really appreciate the way we learnt some new techniques, I hope I can implement these in my teaching” S.R.

“This was great, Thanks Natalie – we need more and earlier in our careers. Exceptional.” J.F.

“Many thanks Natalie. I will practice the exercises now I know what to do.” J.H.

“Really clear and precise info.” B.M.

Very pleasant thank you. Worksheets very clear.” N.G.

“I enjoyed the workshop, and felt the flow of it was very user-friendly” T.B.

“It was really good to develop the awareness of how to do the exercises and the purpose of them.” K.W.

Natalie Blank
Natalie Blank
BA (Acting for Screen and Stage), DipEd

Natalie Blank has trained as both an actor and a teacher. During her first year of teaching she realised she had a great advantage over her colleagues. She could get through a term of teaching without loosing her voice, while always having easy command in her classroom without straining her voice.

After extensive research she discovered that vocal damage is an enormous problem in the education industry. This is not surprising as teachers use their voices all day to do their job.

During her three years of training as an actor, Natalie learnt the skills to easily project her speaking voice to fill an auditorium without the use of a microphone. This is one of the skills she passes on to participants in her course.

Natalie has created the Comprehensive Teachers Voice course in order to help teachers learn to use their voices effectively in the classroom as well as how to protect their voices so they can have a long career doing what they love without causing damage that can drastically effect their career.

Natalie Blank

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